Suttons Bluff


Has anyone been to Suttons Bluff lately? Thinking about heading down there foe a extended weekend and was wondering about the area,trails, and forest service roads. Thanks.

I heard something about the trails closed.You might want to get in touch with somebody before you take the trip.Go to recreation .gov there is a not on there sbout trail closers

I also heard they were closed till summer.

That's a Bummer.

And yes, it is closed:thumbsdn:

Come to Sutton Bluff's sister park, Chadwick. 80-100 miles of (mapped) trails vs the 20 some miles at Sutton. Same fees, camp ground is good anymore, and we're open.:thumbsup:

No doubt about Chadwick. We enjoy riding there:thumbsup: Just kinda like doing the NFS Roads and checking out the other nearby state parks around Suttons Bluff.

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