2012 EXC Range out

so the balance shaft doubles as the waterpump? Good idea, simplifies and removes gears

The ISDE edition looks awesome.

Yeah that Six Days bike is incredible looking. It also claims a new motor for the 300, new cylinder and electric starter.

No linkage on the 2t, thank you.

Great to see KTM advancing engine designs. I'm hoping these new engines prove reliable good performers even in the first production year. Any work on how they'll be priced?

Fuel injection I see on the 250F

my 29" inseam does not like the 37.8" seat hight

where can i get that rear fender and light for my '11?

No linkage on the 2t, thank you.

The EXC's will never get a linkage but the SX's will probably.

Sweet. My 2005 EXC looks less dated now (color-scheme wise) :thumbsup:

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