kick stand XR650L

I'm new here, hello. I just bought a 2002 XR650L. I really like the bike so far but always have to lean the bike up against a wall or door to idle the bike. When the kick stand is down it stalls. I didn't buy the bike from a dealer, but figgured it must be a short or a safety thing. Either way, is there an easy fix to this or am I stuck sitting on the bike while I put my helmet and gloves on. Bike sure does vibrate a lot!! My hands get numb.(age I guess) these are my only two concerns for now. Bike is re jetted for Halifax Nova Scotia, battery relocated under the seat, XRR side cover, UNI filter, no rear pegs either. Huge Clarke tank for long hauls, FMF slip on to make it sound better. Stephen

Its a saftey thing ..........

theres a thread that explaines how to bypass the switch

Don't go cutting wires on my account, but I think you just connect the ground wires.

Thanks, I'll play around with it this weekend.

I have a 2007, and if you put the stand down in gear, it kills the engine, but in neutral, no problem. They have wiring diagrams on another forum so you could check.

If it is in neutral and it kills the engine, there is a problem somewhere.


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