Little embarasses to ask: where does the kick stand go? :)

I'm obviously a newby here.

Thought I'd snap a pic of my new (1991) KX250 and the little triangular kick stand it came with.

But I don't get it? Where, how does it mount to the bike? Through the foot peg looks about right...maybe. Or into the frame there under the foot peg?

I ask as I have a hard time kick starting the thing. I just can't get a good, solid, hard, full throw kick to the thing. I see so many guys with one foot on the ground just throw a boot at the starter and it fires up. Maybe I'm to timid. It bump starts straight away. I have successfull kick started it when it's warmed up. Was thinking, if I used this kick stand, I could stand up on the bike/ foot peg/ kick-stand and fire a foot at it instead of that other foot being on the ground.

I know I'm just a bit timid and don't want to gash my shin....again.

This has to be one of the more newby questions ever asked.





No biggie! That triangle stand (not kick stand) goes in the rear axle. Take a look at the sprocket side of the axle. It should be hollow. Slid in there. As for using it for leverage...I wouldn't! It's only strong enough to hold up the bike. Not you and the bike. It would truly suck for it to snap or pop out while kickstarting! I'd find a box or frame stand you can put your left foot on while kicking with your right food. Have fun with your new ride!

If you have the height that will suffice you wont have the need for the box or stand.

The straigt end goes in the rear axle on the sprocket side. :confused: Don't use the old stands with the new bikes. :thumbsup:

The curved end goes in the little triangle space under the shifter as a side stand. You might be able to kick it using the stand on the frame, I think I did that before. But if your suspension compresses too much you're going to be on your ass. Try turning the gas on, then leaning the bike over first before you try to start it.


if i was you id find a tree and use it for leverage while kicking it. weather you lean it on the tree to do so or hold it with your left hand. lol did this alot as a child using my dads bike. "just sayin"

Great, thanks guys.

I've only had the thing for two weekends now.

My best luck has been to stand next to the bike and kick it with the outside foot. Kind of contorted like. But at least it starts.

My next try is to sit on it proper, balance it straight up, put my left foot on the left peg and stand up and fire down the kick starter with my right boot. Will have to reset if it doesn't fire first try. But at least I will be above the thing and kicking down with some weight on it.

I'm sure once I get the hang of it and feel for how much of a kick it needs and get confident at it, I'll be able to stab at it whilst sitting on it.

I can't lean against my dads bike...because I am the dad?!



If you're trying to start in at home or near your truck or whatever, just use the milk crate/stand (what I do) as a support for your left foot. You can also use a tie down hooked to your handlebars and a trailer for support. Out in the woods, lean on a tree or straddle the bike over a whoop or inside a rut.

I had a bitch of a time on my 05 KX250 before I lowered it,, I'm 5'9" been riding since I was 9.

confidence is key when kick starting a bike. Make that lever your bitch or it will own you and hurt you repeatedly. I know a few people who never mastered kickstarters because they were afraid and sold good bikes to buy bikes with e-start. not very manly

I used to kick my 76 Shovel :thumbsup:

Just use the milk crate/stand (what I do) as a support for your left foot. Out in the woods, lean on a tree or straddle the bike over a whoop or inside a rut.

+1 what Jeekinz says...You've already got the crate (in the pic), just put it on the ground slightly to the left of the left foot peg, use it as a step as you throw your right leg over and a foot stand while you kick it over...Once started just kick it out of the way and take off...While on the trail try to find something natural that mimics the crate...

And btw, my girlfriend is about 5'6" and has no problems anymore standing and starting her 97 KX250 after I showed her that the bike doesn't have to be straight up and down to start (for some reason people always try to have the bike balanced straight up and down)...Lean it slightly diagonally to the left supporting the weight with your left leg (the kick action is just slightly more out to the side as opposed to straight down)...Not trying to pick on you or anything, just pointing out that with a little technique to it, even very short, non-muscular, people can do it quite easily...

Alright then.

I'm always learning and take no offense at any advic given.

Thanks all.

Picking up a new clutch lever perch for it this afternoon and will practice my kick starting technique.

I'm sure I'm capable. At 6' and 199lbs, I'm big enough. Just the first weekend we got them (two weeks ago), one kid gashed his shin on the KX65 and took 5 stitches. I tore through my work boot and took a chunk out the arch of my foot. Both from the footpeg while kick starting. We now have proper MX boots and that two weeks of experience. but i'm sure part of it is being a bit timid.

I'll show that kick starter who is boss!




Another couple starting hints would be to slowly bring the kick start to resistance, then let it back up, then do one nice smooth kick all the way through being sure to start the kick from the very top (I see lots of people start the kick after letting the weight of their foot drop the kick start shaft down almost a quarter of the way which actually makes it a little harder to start)...And let your foot drop down on it heavy at the bottom as opposed to flicking it down and letting it pop back up right away, this will help keep it from popping back up with force (hurting your shin or the arch of your foot)...

Hope this helps a little...Have fun! have probably remedied the situation already. Once you are wearing proper MX boots with shin protection, you wont be afraid to rip on that kickstarter.

I think you got good advice above, the only thing I would offer after watching my kids or other newbies, is that you don't start the kick stroke before putting your boot on the kick start lever. It seems they always want to get a 'running start' without their leg on the kickstarter and then they try to hit the kickstarter at full speed and and their foot flies off etc because they didnt hit it just right.

Make sure you have your foot firmly on the kickstarter (lever is between heel and ball of foot) at the top of the stroke. Push down firmly and accelerate as you are pushing.

p.s. that off the bike start works fine too. I used to have a KTM that had the left side kick start and I would stand to the left of the bike and kick start it with my right leg. Eventually, I got good at kickstarting with my left leg while sitting on the bike, but that took awhile since I am right handed. I now use that left leg technique plenty of times when I stall on a steep slope. I lean my bike over toward the slope and kick my right side starter with my left leg.

listen too everything goose told you.

Gotcha boyz. Thanks.

I rode it around the house a couple times today.

Kick started it a couple times too. Was way easier when standing on a Sally stool (milk crate, five gallon bucket, stump). But I'm getting the hang of it.

Yes, boots are only second to helmet.


the traingle stand works great right there hooked into the frame as pictured above.



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