1985 KLR 600 - coolant leak. Issue?

Hi everyone, I was looking at purchasing an 85 KLR 600 and noticed there is a drip of coolant in the front of the engine on the throttle side.

I don't know too much about these bikes and was curious if this is an indicator of something larger about to happen. Also, the choke lever will not stay in place, when you set the choke, it springs back to the off position.

The bike is clean and straight and is showing 5500 miles.

Any insight anyone can provide is appreciated.



You need to be more specific about where the drip is coming from. Is it coming from the head gasket?

Most of my street bikes chokes spring back but generally not all the way to off. I wouldn't worry to much about it as long as the action actually opens and closes the choke. My KLR 650 only requires the choke for 10 or 15 seconds tops, but of course your results may vary.

85 is way old. Is it a great deal or something?

Hey CRF, the leak appears to be by the water pump (i couldn't tell exactly as there was a skid plate in the way. It is barely a drip. I didn't notice anything on the floor where the guy kept the bike and I could tell that was the only spot to keep the bike. I'm trying to find a diagram of the cooling system so I can pin point the exact part.

It is clean and I'm not finding much in the dollar range I want to spend. I'm looking to only spend $1500. The seller is motivated to sell so I'm hoping to get it around $1100.


edit: I can't find any diagrams that are clear when I expand them online. Hopefully this helps. When looking at the oil level glass, move toward the front tire about 8" and the leak is coming from there. I'll have to check the oil when I go back to look at it and see if there is anything mixed in with it. The concern is he said on a hot day sitting at a long light, it will get hot but cools as soon as you start to move. I had an 85 ZX9 that did that....the head was cracked.

The water pump seal is a known weak spot and an easy fix.

"There is a small weep hole located on the bottom of the waterpump. If either of the seals on the water pump has failed, engine coolant or engine oil may be leaking from this hole. The usual indication of a failed waterpump seal is a few drops of coolant coming from the weep hole, especially noticeable just after riding the bike."

Diagram and instructions how to fix...


Nice, thank you! I appreciate the help.


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