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My name's Pete and I've been lurking for awhile. recently registered. I have a question for you folks. I'm looking at picking up a YZ426 or a WR426, around 99-03 year range I think. I have a CR250 that I use on the track and off road and I sure would like to keep that one a track bike and have another offroad bike, thus the WR comes to mind as a candidate. My question to you is, is the transmission in the WR really that much better for offroad than the YZ? It looks good on paper and I appreciate the lights and all, but other than that, does the YZ make a good offroad mount, or is the WR really the way to go? Thx!

You see a lot more YZ's being used off road because they are a lot easier to find. Overall, since there is not as much weight difference between the YZ and WR426 as with the 450's, I'd see if there was a good WR around. The transmission has a considerably lower first gear that when combined with the smoother power and heavier flywheel of the WR engine makes the low speed stuff much easier to deal with. The taller fifth makes open desert and fire roads a lot more enjoyable at the same time. With the YZ trans, you have to compromise one or the other, or both.

WR suspension needs a little help, but so did the YZ's in those years. The engine can be perked up very easily.

The WR426 was only built during '01 and '02. The earlier ones were 400's, and the '03 was the first 450.

I rode an 00 YZ426F in the woods for 6 years. 13/52 gearing works wonders.

Thanks for the input, I think I'm going to go for the WR. Cheers!

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