Specific Tools Needed for Full Oil Change on an 08 SM 450

i know how to change the oil, had my truck broken into and stole my tools. money is tight and i just need to get the tools to change my bike oil. also how often are you guys changing the oil? i'm usually doing it every 250-300 miles depending on how hard i ride. i notice the bike is down on power closer to the end of my oil change...... guess the clutch doesn't grip as well with 250 mile oil?

thanks in advance guys damn thieves:foul:!!!

My smr510 requires:

8mm Hex bit for the drain plug

6mm Hex bit for one of the screens

8mm socket for the other screen and the filter cover

I think that is it. Someone else can verify. Hope you get your stuff back.

that seems right it was 2 allens and one socket

thanks you helped me get my mind off the theft now i can change the oil and ride

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