SM Bar Mounts - Universal or Standard

Im currently shopping for some of the finer (read overlooked) parts to allow me to progress with an upgrade from stock S forks to the stock SM with a few custom bits chucked in for good measure.

I'm currently waiting on the arrival of my eBay tripple clamp (forks came with lower yolk only). The clamp which should be arriving tomorrow doesnt come with bar mounts, just the 2 nice round holes -

What I'd like to know is from those who have done the same upgrade / changed thier mounts for the fat bars. What did you use, and where did you get them?



my 2007 SM came stock with Renthal fat bars so those are an OEM part for some models.

Has no-one put none standard bar risers on it?

I ran some ebay 1" risers with Pro Taper factory bends with my old setup. If you're looking for bar-risers for fatbars...I had a hard time finding them myself in the past.

I now switched to relying on the bars for the raise in new setup is Stock triple clamp, Zeta Rubber Killers (Wheeling Cycle Supply), Pro Taper fatbar clamps, Pro Taper KX High-Bend bars. If you use the rubber killers with these Pro Taper mounts the holes need to be drilled out since the mounting bolts are of a larger dia. then stock. This works for me very well...

I used the Moose risers which allow fatbars to be mounted. They come in three different heights and i bought from the TT store. I then fitted Renthal fatbars without a problem.

The transformation of my frankindizzer is intended to take place in a few weeks. I've already purchased all the other gubbins apart from a brake disc and the bar mounts (+rubber killers).

SO a parts list option like that is spot on thanks :thumbsup:

Does anyone have similar recomendations for a set up which uses the stock bars?

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