shop labor cost for top end ?

does anyone know approx what a shop would charge to replace a piston, adj valves, service rear susp linkage and steering bearings? Labor only 07 kxf 250

Different shops have different labor rates....If you are plannning on taking your bike to a cycle shop.....Talk to people you know and where they took there stuff....Good work always beats a cheaper price.....

i'm going with 3 hours @ $60-70/hr. This does not include the price of the parts.

at least, I imagine it would take me about 3 hours and I am not a mechanic by trade.

I'm not sure if bike dealerships are run the same as a car shop but the problem is this. There is a little fancy book that declares how much time will be charged for for each service. They are typically over estimates. So if the book says 4 hours to change the piston and what not, the dealer will charge 4 hours even if it only takes the tech 2. Thats how most car dealerships service departments operate anyways. I would atleast do the linkage yourself as its pretty easy. The top end on a four stroke can easily be conquered with a manual, but you deffintely need a torque wrench.

my local shop charges 2 hours to shim valves and do a piston/rings @60 an hour, plus tax and the cost of shims, that is if I take them the engine by itself

Thanks guys

Labor prices will make a big difference seeming as my local bike shop charges $90 per hour which is terrible if you ask me.

Were in Washington are you. I know two guys who do it much cheaper. One is a MMI graduate and a race team mechanic and one just does great work all the time but he has a broken leg at the moment. Let me know i give you there numbers. Not a fan of the big shops working on my stuff.....

my local shop does it for 400 and the other one does it for 250 for just as good of work. find a cheap place even if you have to drive a little

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