1988 LT250R engine swap, need help


Hey guys, I'm in the middle of rebuilding the engine in my lt250r and Im really pissed at myself for not getting a repair manual for the engine, so now I have a completely disassembled engine chillin' out in my garage.

But an idea just popped into my head when I happened to look at my 1988 Arctic Cat Jag 440 for which I have no use... This engine was just rebuilt and it runs top-notch, and my quad has not motor as of now...

What would it take to install this sled engine into my quadracer? Has anybody done a swap of this sort, or know of anyone who has? Im very interested in pursuing this project, I think it would be one bad toy if done correctly.

u should post some pics of the motor i am guessing its a 2 cylinder and has a centrifical cluth and is belt drive like the artic cat 500 i got the main thing is welding mounts in the frame and getting the motor true in the frame so your drive chain is in a stright line and running the exhaust system everything else is easy after that

find a cr 250 motor sale the400 motor

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