Transmission will not roll backward in neutral

Hey guys, new yz426f owner here. I picked it up cheap because of a tranny issue. When the bike is in neutral, it will only roll about 4 inches backward and then it locks.

Chain removed, the primary drive gear does the same. About 1 full turn and locks. If it is in gear and you pull the clutch, it will roll backwards like any other bike. Anyone have a clue what I should be looking for before splitting the cases?

BTW, when turning the front sprocket slowly forward in neutral, you can feel a very slight clicking... I'm wondering if the kickstart is not fully dissengaging or if the nuetral point on the shift cam is worn

Sounds like the kick starter is not camming the ratchet out of engagement in the returned position. The ratchet wheel may have broken the stop lug off of it, the stopper plate bolts may have sheared or fallen out, or the case may be broken. The trouble is in the starter area somewhere.

Thanks, that is where I will start looking first. I'll post up if I find the problem.

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