Additional jetting for SSW/MRD

Im currently running a TT FCR 39mm with Merge APS, 3x3, KandN, and a SSW/MRD shorty. The kit came with the jetting recommended in the FAQ section as follows

160 main jet

200 main air jet

EMN needle

Clip 3

2 turns out on the Merge extended fuel screw

Pilot air removed

When I swapped out the RS2 for the MRD, it seems like my idle is a little rougher and theres alot of popping on decel. Other than that it seems to run strong. I taped off about a 3rd of my 3x3 and it seems like theres less popping but its hard to tell.

Can anyone confirm this jetting? Im at sea level and temp is usually 70-90 and a little humid. I dont want to mess with the carb if I dont have to but I have no idea how much popping is normal with the MRD or how smooth the idle should be. Im just wondering if the design of the MRD would require a jetting change over the RS2. Thanks

my idle/decel is smooth as popping... try richening your idle a bit...

What carb and exhaust are you running?

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