3x3 mod

I can feel you all thinking here we go again. But i have a very quick simple question.

The 3 inch by 3 inch opening.

Does it matter where the top left of the hole starts? Should i use the top left of the original hole or do i need to start higher?

My k and n turned up today so im itching to get started.:thumbsup:

I cut a 3x3 square of carboard. I then placed the cardboard over the existing hole in a way to allow the CDI to mount back on its posts and to use whatever amount of the exisitng hole that I could.

when I was happy w the placement I traced the outline of the cardboard onto the top of the airbox w a sharpie and cut it w a hotknife

must look like this;


Thanks, what's easiest? Hot knife or circular saw?

i used a hole saw then got a torch and heated up a razor blade to clean up the rest of it

Try using a 3 inch putty knife or scraper. Get it good and hot with a torch and press it into the plastic. It should literally cut through like a hot knife through butter and it will cut an exact 3x3 shape with 4 cuts.

that's a good idea. Only problem is i don't have access to a torch at the moment. Ill probably just do the circular saw method

might sound like a dumb question but would a ceramic hob get it hot enough? Please dont laugh

Not laughing so don't laugh at me when I ask what a ceramic hob is.

cooking hob on top of a cooker or stove

I would think a burner on a stove top could heat a putty knife hot enough to melt the air box.

Its not a burner just a hot plate, anway i bought el cheapo butane burner so i can do the job right, and by stroke of luck my wallpaper stripper is exactlt 3"!!!

Thanks for the tip, ill do it on on sunday and in true british tradition the weather forecasts that its going to piss it down all day :-(

LOL, that "true British tradition" for rain all day could also be called the "true Oregon tradition"

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