New bike!

i just bought a 2003 450exc with 35 hours. what things should i do to it before i go out and rip? and what things do i kneed to watch or take special care of on this bike?

clean, oil, lube, adjust,etc... dont over tighten the chain, ktms chain adjust is different than the jap bikes.if it looks to loose its probably right

Is it jetted? Check the valve clearances, maybe grease the steering head bearings, change all the fluids and filters. Also antisieze the adjusters good when you check the chain.

i changed the oil and oil filters yesterday, and cleaned the airfilter. i will do all the other stuff today. changing the oil after ever hours would be good right? this is my first modern 4 stroke.

Well after 2 rides on this bike, i first broke the fender after riding in the twighlight and not seeing a big root that sent me into a tree. Then today i was riding and didnt see a new fence someone put up on the power lines and broke the rest of the fender off, broke the headlight housing and sent me flying 15 feet over the fence. :thumbsup: What luck i have on new bikes. lol

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