Anyone ever ride from metro Denver to Lefthand or Rampart?


I'm on a plated DRZ, and was thinking about just riding out there. Its like 30-40 miles one way to either place.

Anyone ever done this? Thoughts? Any good routes to stay off the interstate?

DOW....where are you riding from?

If you are riding from the Highlands Ranch area or the Southern suburbs, you can go on South Quebec past 470, hang a right (west) on MacArthur Ranch Rd. Hang a left (south) on Grigs Rd and this turns into Daniels Park Rd that goes up over the top of the mesa to the west side of Castle Pines (great view up there). Daniels Park Rd continues down to Hwy 85 south of Sedalia. Head North (right) for a couple miles to Sedalia. Go left (west) through Sedalia and take a left on Hwy 105 (south) to Jackson Creek Road. Take a right (west) on Jackson Creek Road and you will see parking pull outs, trails, etc when you get into Rampart. Eventually Jackson Creek Road runs into Rampart Range Rd.

Take a look at or whatever mapping website you like and you will see you can get to Daniels Park road from Broadway or University or Colorado or Quebec south of C-470. It will keep you off the interstate, but it isn't the most direct route.

If you are coming from the west side of town there is a way to loop around the south side of Chatfield and then over to Hwy 85 South.

If you are coming from the North side of town its gonna be tough to avoid the Highway.

If you are coming from Aurora, one idea is to take Hwy 83 south through Parker and then at Franktown take Hwy 86 east into Castle Rock which turns into 5th street in town. Hang a right (north) on Front Street for a couple blocks, cross I-25 and this turns into Wolfensberger Rd which goes west and connects with Hwy 105 south of Sedalia. Take a left and go a couple miles south on 105 to Jackson Creek Rd. Go right (west) on Jackson Creek road and it takes you right into Rampart Range.


I just rode there today on my WR426. From my house, near Morrison, I go the back way towards conifer, down towards the Platte R. on Foxton road out of Conifer then follow the Platte river road South to near the trails at rampart. 41 miles to the trails from my house. I did 108 miles today. No problem and a great day for riding.

I do the trip from my place (Wads/KenCaryl) to Rampart and back several times a week after work during the summer. Usually just hop on santa fe to sedalia, then 67 to RRR. I've thought about going the Daniels Park Road route, but I like to stop for food there and/or back... :dg

Buddy lives in Milliken (southish of Greeley, eastish of VDR) and from there we'll ride to storm mountain, johnny park, moody hill.

Another good run from the metro area is up through Golden to Central City/Blackhawk, there's a ton of good trails north of there.

Not from Metro Denver, but living in the Meadows in Castle Rock I take Wolfensburger to 105, 105 to Jackson Creek and then either stay on that for some single track turn offs or turn off on Hidden Valley to Dakin for some wider jeep trails. I usually go every Thursday after work, last two weeks I have seen turkey meandering across Dakin Rd with not a care in the world. Where were they when I had a tag for them is what I want to know.

Awesome guys.

Anyone know of any trail to ride that are right outside of Golden?

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