Fix the 06 CRF250R or get a new one?

ey guys, I currently have an all stock 06 crf250r that I bought off my buddy for 1500 because he needed to finish paying for his divorce. I got it last year, and had it for about two months before I ran through some thick brush and put a hole in the radiator. Well this caused me to overheat the engine, now she needs a new crank, rod, bearings, radiator and some other stuff. I was thinking about just selling it for 500 bucks and getting a 10 or 11 250, but I've ridden ATVs my whole life and know nothing about dirtbikes Here's some info about me.

I am 6'0" tall and weigh 145ish. I do the majority of my riding on trails with the occasional trip to the track 3-4 times a year. I am not real concerned about top end speed, just something that will handle good without investing a lot im the shocks. I drive semi trucks for a living and I don't want something that I am gonna have to put in the shop every month to adjust valves or what have you since I'm only home 4 days a month. Or would I be better off just keeping the crf? I don't really know the history on it so I don't know if its been ragged and sold. Any info is appreciated.

Sell the bike for will never ever recover the amount of money you will spend on that rebuild. The same thing happened to a guy I know on a KTM 530 didnt hurt the engine at all...I couldnt believe it.

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