02 YZ250 Suspension

I am a new member, but have been coming on here for a few years for advice. I have started riding more and am really trying to get my suspension squared away, in particular my rear suspension is driving me crazy trying to figure out what spring I need. I am 6'2'' and weigh about 225, and according to what spring rate calc. you use the range is between 5.2-6.0 which is a pretty big range. Just wanted to see if anyone has some experience with this and could help me out I would greatly appreciate it! I have been seeing a lot of horror stories and figured I would ask around before I buy anything. Thank you.

Yeah for your weight I think a 5.2 is right but also depends on your riding/valving.

If you're around L.A., and service is critical with suspension, I strongly recommend Rick Johnson at TooTech in Redondo.

Rick has been great with my susp. and is excellent about changing things to specifically get it perfect for you.


I live in San Diego so that is a little far away. I am a novice rider and I am mostly just going to the Mx track to ride. thanks for your response

Yw. You'd be surprised how much of a diff. just having the fork/shock oil serviced makes.

I'd get the right springs in both the forks and the shock with fresh oil and go from there.

The reason on the forks is, with your weight, you want them to sit higher out of the mid stroke.

Don't be afraid to be aggressive with the clickers. Make it work for you.

Thanks, I will do that. That makes sense on the fork fluid, I was looking into that and researching how to do it. Seems pretty straight forward with the use of the that fork oil tool.

Yes, and you also want to change the shock oil, even more-so.

It gets cooked faster than the fork oil does, I'll bet yours is past-toast.

Another thing, while you're putting the .48 fronts/5.2 rear springs on there and

changing your fork/shock oil, is to get your sag - setup right.

Here is a good primer from the TooTech site on sag and setup.



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Thanks I really appreciate all the help.

You're welcome.

I ride an '02 YZ250 and am pretty close to you in sze and weight, 6'3" and 210 lbs. I'm using .46 fork springs and a 5.2 shock spring.

I ride primarily woods/single track/fire roads and rarely turn a wheel on an MX track. I've revalved the suspension myself and I will admit that it bottoms out a little easy for MX use but is very plush and works very well for for what I use it for.

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