Dirt bike rental recomendations?


I am planning a trip in June to visit San Diego, I wanna ride Ocotillo and some sand dunes maybe even hit up a few motocross tracks. I was wondering if you guys knew of a cool place to rent a dirt bike or some off read vehicles? I ride a 2011 CRF450 now.

well, the only place I can think of right now is The County Line BBQ & Cafe. it's located on highway 79 South about 35 miles east of the 15 freeway. City of Warner Springs. They rent motorcycles, ATV, ect... 951.767.3040. just the few blogs i read, most people like that place. it's on the way to Ocotillo Wells from the Temecula area. Very nice ride if you like, curvy two lane roads, ranch homes, rolling grassy hills, and lots of green trees. some people just don't like that stuff.

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honestly you could probably buy an old like cr250 for 1000, use it and sell it for what you paid

June? At least it will be a dry heat compared to Florida.....

Chapparal rents bikes.

Also AdMo tours but I think they're all plated DS bikes.


They rent CRF 450Rs. Site says they start at 130 bucks a day. Never used them but they are in San Diego.

I am from San Diego and just rented a dirtbike about a month ago when mine was out of commission.

I first called Let's ATV, but even though they still have rental bikes on their site they no longer rent bikes. They seem to only do tours now.

After much searching I got to Eaglerider (http://www.eaglerider.com/). Like Nayther mentioned above, they are the company that operates out of Chapparal in San Bernardino.

The bike was a pretty new CRF450X (within a year or two), and worked great with a couple of adjustments (idle was waaay to high, shifter and brake was positioned weird). The bike was bone stock, though. They also have a CRF450R in stock.

I didn't find Get Dirty Bikes, but that seems like it may be a good place as well.

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