what do you think? $

so i got my girlfriends old bike to sell and i have no idea what its worth? its a 1988 xr 100

:fmf pipe

:new back tire

:hand guards

:new grips

:bent pro taper bars lol

i know all of that stuff means nothing when it comes to selling a bike but i thought id let you guys know. . . thinking 800 obo on craigslist and be happy if i get 600?

sound right?




Looks like a pretty nice bike. With a title I'm sure you will pull 600 easy!

Oh yea I got the title. Its all there for paper work and stuff. I rejetted it for the pipe and put new oil in it after every couple rides. I babied the thing so we could have it for years to come but got areally good deal on a drz 125.

Well i'll give that a try. Thanks dude.

800 seems a bit stiff. but it varies from region. could be worth that were you live. id pay 500$ for it.

wellim in the seattle area. but idk if that means anything to selling this bike. prob not.

i think i'm gonna put it up for 750 obo and start hi.

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