my thoughts on red sticker in calif.

i think red stickers should be issued to all motorsport and recreation vehicles in ca. [nascars,sprintcars,1\4mile race cars,drag boats,etc.]it should also include personnal aircrafts,militari training vehicles, lawnmowers with engine bigger than 2hp and any yuppie 2seater sports cars.i think it would only be fair that the dirtbike owners in ca.would get to decide what months during year that these vehicles could and couldnt be operated. if the ca.government and enviromentalist are so worried about water and air quality i think this is only solution.i really dont think the extra 10 or 15 gallons of gas my bike would burn during restricted time is enough to save the enviroment.if greenies really want to help stop pollution.they should trade in there gas gusselling SUV's and buy hugo's.

What's the deal with the red sticker? I've always got green stickers for every bike I owned and then this past registration they sent me a red one. I called DMV and asked but the clueless people there couldn't tell me why I got it they just said that it was the correct one. I thought only 2strokes were getting the red stickers? I've even heard rumors that my parents dune buggy may be turning red as well. What are the rules of owning a bike with a red sticker? Do they really think I'm going to obey them if they are stupid like not leting me ride during the summer months.



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Motorcycles built after 1997 with a "C" or a "3" in the 8th position of the VIN will get a Red sticker. California has now started putting VLT Stops (Vehicle License Transaction stops) on red sticker vehicles to alert the unaware clerks at DMV. Most likely, if you go to get a sticker for your bike, they will have to call Sacremento to check ont he VLT Stop. You will be assusred to get a Red sticker. Try this web sight. It will answer a lot of Q's.


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dmv just change my bike from green sticker to a red sticker this year.i read a lot of articles when this whole redsticker crap began and they all said if your bike has already been registered as greensticker they can not change it to red.when i received red sticker last week i started researching what would cause them to change this.i found out dmv has just installed new software program that is checking vin# of all bikes newer than, all us people that thought we "pulled a fast one on dmv" are screwed."carb" is doing to motorcyclist what the english settles did to the indians."they speak with forked tongues and just make empty promises.

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there is no way ohv riders in america can stop the greenies from taking away are riding areas.we are out numbered,under financed and just plain outsmarted.the riders living in areas that are less affected by land management changes dont concern themselves with problems others are facing.[they need to realize its just a matter of time before there local riding area becomes a protected refuge for greenies to sunbath with no ohv's aloud.but there is a group with the $,manpower,brains and power to beat the greenies to a pulp.they are united state's number 1 importer and guessed it the japanese.are only problem is how can we get them to fight for us.why should japan's motorcycle manufactures help us?even though we are losing all are riding areas there is still a 6 month waiting list for purchase of new bike at every dealer in america.the only way to get the japanese manufactures to step in is too hit them where it hurts"there bank accounts"we need to ban together and boycott all japanese motorcycles dealers and bikes to be released in 2002.when there new bike waiting list is gone and there showrooms are full.i guarantee japanese manufactures will put on there boxing gloves and beat the **** out of are enemy.the greenies will become the "green weinies".

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