dirt bike pants

I'm having a hard time finding dirt bike pants for women that are not pink or purple or white. I have a Honda 230 wanna get some black pants or red ones. Does anyone have a recommended website for women's dirt bike apparel that is not motosport or motorcyclesuperstore? I Particularly like the 2011 element switchblade pants but they are mens sizing. I'm sure i'm not the only woman that does not like pink. How is the sizing on the mens pants compared to women's?

I'm a women's size 12.

I often end up wearing mens pants for riding for the very same reason. I just don't want to be pinked and purpled out. I used to wear a 7/8 in womans pants and a 30 in mens, now I have widened a bit in my old age and have to wear a 9/10 W and a 32M. The cuts don't feel drastically different between mens and womens riding pants, at least not in Fox and Thor. I bought a pair of Klim Baja pants just last week and really love those. They are roomy and comfortable, the legs are long enough and will probably have room for knee braces, the floating belt doesn't cut into my belly button while in the seated position and by the same token the back rise stays up and against my spine instead of dropping and gapping outward like most pants do.

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Like DD I wear mens pants as well an find more of a selection and on top of that they're better made as well and hold up way better for those opsie times :thumbsup:

I would totally recommend getting mens pants. They hold up much better and are way better looking.

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