Clutch blew... Ten miles from the truck!

Was riding with a friend in Trevorton Pa and we were the whole way out towards Shamokin when the clutch lever went limp. The cable hadn't blown, the clutch just went while bringing the front end up to ride through a puddle. It still shifted (without the clutch) so we started back, me changing gears "clutchless". About quarter mile from the truck, on a down shift, the bike goes into neutral and stays there. So I'm here, posting from my iPhone, waiting for my buddy to get here with the truck and just wondered if anyone know what I blew and what it will cost me.

Broken down and waiting,


Oh man that sucks! You still out there?

No, he picked me up. Heading back to Middletown and the hazing has begun.

Soaking my blues in a local bar. Pretty much ruined a day of riding for my buddy.

So... If you ride with a busted clutch... What else does it destroy? Is this something a normal wrench guy can handle or should this be left up to the pros? Any special tools?

I figure I'll at least crack the case open an see what's really screwed up inside.

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Half in the bag...

Your going to have to take it apart and tell us. But once I broke clutch plates didn't hurt anything else but it is possible that a fragmet of a fiber plate could wedge in the star mechanism of the shifter and not allow you to shift.

just pull the clutch cover and take a look. you shouldn't need any special tools.

I'm gonna drain the oil and take pics when I crack it open. I hope your right though BFS, I would be nice if so, but it did change gears after I shut her down but it gave next to no resistance when pushing it while in gear. It just made a clacking noise when the sprocket turned. It make no noise while in neutral.

Your problem is very rare. However, the fact that the clutch still delivered power is a good thing and the problem is most likely not catastrophic.

My first guess would be the clutch actuation arm lost the pinch bolt and the arm moved on the splines.

It is also possible a clutch plate shattered and jammed up in the clutch, which would explain why it still delivered power and a piece got caught in the shifter mechanism, still not catastrophic.

So I'd first inspect the clutch actuation arm. If that is ok, I'd tilt the bike to the left, pop the clutch cover off and remove the pressure plate and inspect the plates. These steps will determine you next course of action.

If it was the arm. remove the cable, rotate the splined shaft towards the direction the cable would pull it, reinstall the arm (if not damaged) at a 90 degree position to the direction of cable pull.

If it is not the arm and you find broken clutch plates, you need to account for all the broken bits. You may have to remove the right side cover (drain oil and coolant) and remove the clutch hub. To remove it, you need an impact gun and a hub holder.

Im sorry, but Middletown NY? If so, thats funny, Im out of Newburgh

Im sorry, but Middletown NY? If so, thats funny, Im out of Newburgh

No, Middletown, Pa


Thanks again for all your help guys. It is much appreciated.


Problem found: Busted #6

The Tech (a friend) said the #17 bolt was finger loose.


I remember when working up a #6 was a good thing... especially at the #6 dance later on:lol:

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