Please help

I just picked up a 06 drz 400s. I got it from a friend that purchased it brand new. The bike sat up for around a year, the carb has been cleaned and new plug installed by guy I purchased it from. I'm getting fire and fuel but it doesn't even sound like its wants to start. I have read and searched all day on and off and I'm gonna try a few things this evening but any other suggestions will be much appreciated.

Will it be ok to hook cables from my d-max for a jump?

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Do a voltage check on the battery, must have 12.8 volts at rest and at least 12.5 during cranking.

if it sat for a year you should change the gas, its prob bad. Also check the dipstick for gas smell. could mean the petcock failed and you're oil has so much gas in it that you could run a 2-stroke from it :thumbsup:

try jumping it to see if that can get it started but make sure you do the above, its cheap insurance:thumbsup:

I have drained gas, took carb apart and cleaned, cleaned petcock, checked fire. The fire wasn't as hot as I would thing though.

Petcock on PRI? Open the bowl drain to verify fuel in the carb. You know about the choke knob, right? Pull it out all the way. No throttle unless it is flooded.

Yes you can jump from a bigger battery but don't fry the starter motor by cranking too long.

where is the ignition timing? do the valves need adjustment? float level too low in the carburetor?

It didn't even try to crank with a jump and starting fluid sprayed in carb. I'm going to check the timing and valves today, didn't have alot of time to mess with it yesterday. I'm going to pull the plug and put a lil gas in the cylinder and see what happens.

I assume your carb cleaning technique was thorough and mechanical in nature? You physically disassembled the carb and visually inspected and cleaned things like the pilot jet, right?

Yes, I took all three jets out and cleaned them. Shouldn't it have tried to fire with starting fluid. I'm gonna go ahead and get a new plug today and try one more time before I start tearing futher into it. Would the float level affect the bike not wanting to start using starting fluid? Could it be anything electrical? Should I try to put a lil oil down on top of the piston? It seems to have plenty of compression. Thanks for all input.

Was the bike running good before your buddy parked it?....

He said it was. The bike still looks new. He used it to ride back and forth to work, we work at the same company.

if you spray starting fluid into it it will start despite a low float or anything like that. if you have a volt meter you can check some electrical connections. like when cranking see if you get power from the coil. a problem i had with mine once is it wouldn't run with the handlebars turned a certain direction because the two wires for the kill switch had worn through and were contacting. just a thought, is the kick stand up? there is a switch that kills the engine if the kick stand is down. dumb safety feature

Its getting fire, I'm not sure if its enough though. I have not had time to mess with it lately. Could the fuel be putting the fire out if the spark isn't hot enough?

if its too rich, its possible. have to tried reading the spark plug? the answers to many no start problems can be solved just by looking at the plug. is it wet?

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