IMS 3.2 or 4 gal


I really waffled the factory steel tank on my 06 S. I ride 90 off/10 on-road.

I would also like a little more fuel capacity so I'm considering the IMS 3.2 or 4 gal.

I currently have UNI Biker rad guards. What are the negatives of the larger 4 gal model ? Does it effect how your knees hug the tank ?

Tanks in advance !:thumbsup:

The four gallon rocks and is a little more narrow than stock in my opinion. Does not get in the way what so ever and offers superior radiator protection. The range is about 190 miles on a dual sport ride. 160 if riding mostly single track all day. The only downfall is the weight on single track when tank is full. It will be even more top heavy. My solution is a handful more throttle. :thumbsup:

Good Luck.

I have the 4 gal and riding/handling isn't an issue at all...the part I don't like is you can't use all the you are toting around useless weight. If your off road it's not too much trouble to stop and dump the bike over on its left side to get the gas over to the petcock, but on the road it sucks. The benefit of the tank acting as a radiator guard is nice but that's where all the gas sits, down in the lobes. If the configuration of the 3.2 allows you to use all the gas I would consider it.

I bought the 3.2 because I thought the radiator guards on the 4 could wear through on a street accident from them sliding on the pavement. The idea of leaking gas on me and burning flames was my deciding factor. After taking a belt sander to my fuel petcock mount to get a flush fit, it is probably unlikely.

I'd get the 3.2 for a few reasons but mostly because it isn't butt ugly like the 4 gal...

I have had 2 of the Ims 4 gallons crack in the same spot. I would rather leak coolant than fuel on a hot header. Clarkes on it now.

I'd get the 3.2 for a few reasons but mostly because it isn't butt ugly like the 4 gal...

What he said....^^^^

But just look at where you are riding and determine what fuel capacity you need..Why have a 4 gallon if you don't need it?

I have had the 3.2 on my bike for over three years with no problems. I get about 155 miles before reserve on dual-sport rides..don't know how much farther I could go on reserve as I just fill up ASAP. Mounted up perfectly with no problems. I have the "natural" color and it is a little faded and a bit discolored but I like to see how much gas I have without taking off the cap. The 4 gal just looks funny as do the clarke

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