Need some help with identifying the year of my rm250

Hi my names Andy, 25 from England. I recently had the idea of buying an old ish rm250 and doing it up. I found a 98 rm250 in good condition, but it needed a new piston as the old one had broken up and left half it's skirt in the crank case in 1000's of little pieces. When I picked the bike up the cylinder was already removed. The seller told me the bike was a 98, but the engine was a 99. He also have me a spare empty crankcase which he said was a 98.

so now I have the bike, yesterday I got the motor out while I had a quite few moments at work. Once I was ready to go home I went to just place the cylinder and head on the case just for the sake of it. It didn't fit! Strangely though the cylinder does fit the spare cases. The problem I have is I don't know what year cylinder I need to buy as I don't know what year my bottom end is. Even if I find out used cylinders from these bikes of this age are almost impossible to find. Do I find another cylinder or do I transfer all the internals from my bottom end into my spare cases, as I know I have a cylinder that fits? Here's an image of my cases, if anyone could help me with the years? Many thanks!


the picture on the left is for a 99 or 00 the one on the right is for 96 to 98.

also the cylinders will not inter change between the 2 different bottom ends.

would have to see a pic of it to even guess at what year it might be.

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The one on the right looks like a 98, I had a 98 and the case on the left is a lot different than my old bike.

This is a 98 case.


Thankyou guys so it seems I have a cylinder to match my empty cases and not my bottom end!

Can I now source a cylinder for a 99 and 2000 or does it have to be specific?

I wonder if you can put the 99 parts into the 98 cases?

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