Best Fuel Addative for cleanign carb

Hey guys... My 11' 650 ran fine last fall. Sat all winter (no I didnt winterize it as I planned on riding it more):thumbsup:. Seemed to run fine this spring until last couple of days. Seems to be lean. Might be wrong about that, but Im getting more decel popping, and its not idling right. Sometimes it idles at 13-1500 other times it drops to 1100, then others it wont idle at all. And I mean all in the same ride with no apparent rhyme or reason as to when it goes up or down.

I have MXrobs modified FCR, gixxer1000 exhaust (Kientech kit), modded airbox of course, and ground header weld. Im wondering if I should put a good cleaning addative in there before I start messing with stuff. If so what would be the best?


Seafoam. Hands down the best additive ever. About $7 a can at your local autoparts store, pour the whole thing in and run. But if the gas varnished in your carb, I would tear it apart and clean it anyway.

I've had excellent results with Chevron Techron......good strong doses.

I'm hooked on seafoam, I use it in all my fuel tanks. It really does seem to help. I just bought 3 bottles at Spawl Mart the other day. I'd like to buy a case of it!

I use Chevron Techron in my old Corvette and Seafoam in all my other equipment. That includes winterizing bikes, mowers, chainsaw's, etc: and Summerizing (is that a word?) Snowmobiles, snow removal equipment, etc:

I used to use Sta-Bil but it seems to crystallize over the summer months when used on winter equipment which usually required a good carb cleaning in the fall so I now use Seafoam.

If I ever tried to count how many "installed" spark plugs I own it would be well over 80 :thumbsup::confused:

I put Chevron brand cleaner in my stuff but I also buy their gas.

I play it safe: Seafoam with Chevron gas. Everytime I use it on a gummy carb it has worked.

I don't trust the magical "carb cleaner" additives that are advertised as being a pour in the tank and "make it all better" or even the ones you directly spray in the intake. Better to take them apart and clean them if possible if you feel there's a problem IMO. I've seen the cleaners degrade the rubber inside, then your back to taking it apart anyway. With that said, however, I feel Seafoam is safe. I do use it and it might act as a carb cleaner to help out in this instance. It will also remove water/condensation. So if you were to use an additive first before a tear down, that would be the one I'd use IMHO. It is also a perfect winter fuel stabilizer and I've never had to tear down a carb from using it regularly and to stabilize fuel. I looked in my carb this spring to shim the needle after using it and all was clean as a whistle and the rubber was supple and looked good.

Thanks guys, Seafoam it is. I'll give that a try before I start tearing into it. :thumbsup:

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