How do you relieve the timing chain tensioner without the tool?

I have the top cover off and need to take the timing chain off. How do you remove the timing chain off without the tensioner tool on this XR650L?

You undo and remove the bolt inside the tappet cover (think it's an allen key head on the 650) which holds the Tensioner mechanism shaft in place then turn the shaft one way or the other whilst pulling it outwards thus removing it..You then pull the mechanism up and out of the head..I can see a bit of fun when you try putting it back in with the zip ties..Someone's got a video somewhere on the matter..

I'd give that bolt a couple of decent raps with a drift and hammer before trying to undo it..Seems Honda love putting Loctite on it so it can be really tight to get moving..Make sure you use a quality and correct sized allen key or impact driver fitting or you'll stuff the allen head making it even worse to remove..

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