Kudos to Rekluse Technical service

I just picked up a 250xcf-w with the Rekluse Core EXP - was working great but wanted to check the adjustments. I found that the previous owner had stripped one of the set screws and that the gap adjuster was bound up and virtually impossible to find the home position to use to start setting the gap.

One call to Rekluse and they sent a new one (no questions asked) and Brian and Austin were both very helpful. Now that is service!

Thanks guys,



I have the same feeling about those guys as well. Eventhough i live other side of the Ocean i´ve got things fixed/send without any troubles whatsoever.

Their customer service is second to none.:thumbsup:

+1 you can get through to Technical support quicker than sales. Great company.

Great support. They called me a couple weeks ago and told me not to ride with my EXP because they had experienced a couple failures with the clutch pack wedges.

The problem was that in a couple of units the balls were coming loose from the wedges do to a weakness in the peening process. They let me know a complete wedge replacement kit was on the way along with a stamped envelope to send back the wedges that were in my bike.

Be on the lookout because sure enough 2 out of 6 wedges in my EXP had the balls come loose. You really wont know until you get it apart- that is why it's tricky. Once apart the balls fell out of the wedge and you don't want them jumping around in your engine. You can see that they must have come up with a better way to peen them because the balls don't seem to be as loose in the new ones.

These guys are gentlemen to deal with and stand behind their product. I can't see myself ever not running a rekluse in my bikes.:thumbsup:

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