2008 250 XCF Thoughts

Ok, I found a 2008 250 XCF for $3k. I have been saving for a 450 XCF and was planning on buying one this fall, but then this one popped up and its in my budget for right now... lol

The bike looks clean, still waiting to hear back on hours, maintenance, etc. My question is does anyone have this bike, what problems have you had and what should I be asking, any tell tale signs? I believe its the same engine as the sxf, different transmission.

Also, do you ever get on it and wish you had a 450? I am 6ft, 150lbs lean, and am an advanced offroad and track rider. The idea is to have a bike that can do both, the XCF is perfect for me. I am currently on an XR400 and miss the track...

You will love the 250. I ride moto and woods With my xcf. I had factory connections do my suspension. Jet kit and a akrapovic exhaust. Plenty of power for me. It's also fun to out run the guys at the moto track with a bike with bark busters

I have an '08 250 XCF-W and have owned KTM 400s and 450s. I sold the 450 a few yrs back and bought the 250 and never looked back. I will gladly trade some of that arm stretching 450 power (although it is fun in open spaces) for the much lighter, more nimble feel of the 250. I do ride a lot of super tight trails though.

The 250s make pletny of power for most riders. Kalib Russell hangs with the big bores in the GNCCs on his 250.

The only issue I had was that the the exhaust valves had to be replaced at 88 hours when I installed the 280 SXS big bore kit. The 250 piston and cylinder were measured and were in very good shape. Bike now with 184 hours of trail riding only and still looks and feels like a new bike. I does very well on the MX track, not with me onboard though. I have seen some friends ride it and they all praise it´s MX performance.

I love mine and have had no issues. In the next month I'll be getting a 320 or 300 kit. The only thing you may want is a little more bottom end. It works well enough for me. I'd say the motor's are very reliable with little maintenance needed.

I can safely say for myself that I won't be getting a 450 again. The light nimble feeling is too great of an asset on the trails. You just can't use all the power of the 450 in technical areas and it gets far too heavy feeling. I still ride my father's 450 EXC at times, but prefer my 250.

For 3k, if it's in good shape, that's a good price. You can easily afford to put a 300 or 320 big bore kit on it and be very happy. If it needs any top end work, I'd just put at least a 300 kit on it.

Well... the bike sold before I could go check it out. Thanks for your feedback! You will see me back here though once I park the red bike for an orange one either this fall or sooner!:thumbsup:

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