Hot Start Needed??

Do any of you use your Hot Start?

I read on one of Rick Ramsey's mods he totally got rid of his and installed a choke type valve.

This would be great as it would be one less cable on my handle bars??

Has anyone else ever done this?

And if so how did you modify it?

I have yet to use mine.

havent used mine yet

WRF choke plunger on mine, never used it once in 3 years.

I use mine all the time. Use depends on where you ride, how hot you get the bike.

After three or four hours of tight trail riding, I need it. If I am running on a track or wide open space, I do not need it. Certainly, if you rarely or never use it, the plunger style is a good option to declutter the bars. I would not do what some have done (they blocked it off completely) as one day, you might need it if you have a flooded engine or over heat it.

We very rarely use ours. Perhaps whether its needed or not to start a hot motor has to do with how rich the pilot circuit is. Not sure though.

If I did anything, I too would put a plunger like the choke on in lieu of permanently blocking it.

hardley ever used mine, even when i did i probably didnt need it.

I only need mine during a race. In the middle of a 3 hr AZ race, it will be hot and it won't usually refire if you stall and don't pull in the hot start. Especially if you crash. If you're not racing, you won't be in that much of a hurry to restart so I suppose it wouldn't matter.

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