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California SEND IN COMMENTS ON JOHNSON VALLEY - BRC alert and suggested comments

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Here is an alert and background info on JV for those of you who want to send in a quick letter

Blog with info and BRC alert



HQ wanted to make sure riders knew that BRC just sent out an action alert today (with suggested comments) asking you to send in comments regarding the Marines at 29 Palms DEIS.

New BRC Alert with Suggested Comments and Overview


Since all land-use decisions are political decisions (an axiom here at HQ) including the proposal by Marine leadership to give OHV the boot from Johnson Valley, HQ is urging that you send a copy of your comments to your elected officials. Remember that Congress must review and approve the project AFTER the planning process is complete.

Here is a link where you can find those elected federal officials


It only takes a few minutes to cut-n-paste in some suggested comments and/or add a few personal comments of your own. HQ already used info on the alert and sent in comments to the Corps and elected Members of Congress.

Please make sure that this info gets forwarded to your OHV network. Thanks in advance for your efforts to keep JV open for OHV use.

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This is a big one, people. Time is running out QUICKLY. If we lose JV, we'll never get it back. What the Marines are asking for is much more than what they need.

We need SUBSTANTIVE comments sent in regarding the DEIS, immediately. We really need everyone who has ever used JV, or ever plans to ride/race in the future to help out on this one.

I went to a workshop last weekend on how to write effective comments for this particular situation, put on by people who have been waging these wars, firsthand. I was surprised to not see anyone from BRC there.

We have summarized it pretty thoroughly on this thread (actually it's work in progress); http://www.district37ama.org/forums/showthread.php?t=45440

We currently have OHV war's on (at least) two fronts, and in the immediate future- THIS IS THE CRUCIAL ONE.


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