2011 TC/TXC/TE 250 310 gas tank elbow

I do not know if any of you out there have experienced this problem yet, but I was taking the tank off of my new TXC250 2011 and the plastic elbow on the fuel pump broke off. The fuel line is to short and the plastic is very brittle and the elbow broke right off. I called Zip-Ty Racing and they have already made a aluminum elbow for that tank to replace the stock plastic ones. The also improved it as they made the elbow at an angle so you get at the fuel coupling more easily. This part will be a must if you ever plan on working on your bikes. It was only $24.95 and well worth the money from Zip-Ty Racing.

Husqvarna also makes an aluminum fuel pump connector (elbow) part # 8000H7649 fits TC/TXC 250 - 310,  2011-2013.

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