Project: YZ426f

Bikes look awesome man... wish I could find sets for my bikes, gotta go custom instead.

96 Yz 250, 00 Yz 125, 03 Yz 250, 08 Yz 250 (current race bike). 01 Ford F150 SuperCrew, 07 Yamaha R1

exactly how many bikes do you have? I didn't think anyone had more toys than me. haha. I currently have a 02 cr125, a 00 yz426, a 05 yz250f, a 02 400ex, and an 07 Arctic Cat 500

exactly how many bikes do you have? I didn't think anyone had more toys than me. haha. I currently have a 02 cr125, a 00 yz426, a 05 yz250f, a 02 400ex, and an 07 Arctic Cat 500

Lol just the ones in my sig. Im sort of a horder and dont like to get rid of bikes b/c they seem to gain sentimental value quickly with me... Only ones Ive ever sold were my 03 r6, 03yz450f, and 05 r1 which I traded in for my current 07. I actually just added 10' on to the back of my garage so the wife could park in there with all the bikes. Idk that Ill ever get rid of another now that I can afford to have more than one of each at a time.

Im currently in the process of saving money to have my entire stable with the same color/ graphics scheme now that Ive seen your Yamis. Your def on your way to a nice collection as well.:thumbsup:

well, I'm gonna be selling the 400 ex and I'll probly sell my 426 and the 250f to get a 450, unless I decide I like the 250f better, then I'll just sell the 426 and keep the 250f. I actually just sold the cr125 also, since I last talked to you.

If you decide to sell the 250f youll have to shoot me a pm. I might be interested in picking it up.

I wasnt a huge fan of my 450 when I had it, had quite a few issues with it so that may play into it more than anything but the main reason I got rid of it is because it got pretty boring to ride fairly quick in my area. I didnt have to work to clear anything which is my fav part of MX... having to seat bounce, slip the clutch, etc... to clear a jump right out of a corner. I dont have fun when I can just put through a corner, pin it, and clear any jump I want. I know I dont have the speed to go pro so the 450 wasnt as appealing to me as just having fun.

If you decide to sell the 250f youll have to shoot me a pm. I might be interested in picking it up.

It will be a while before I make a decision. I may keep both bikes just to race 2 classes. If I did sell the 05 yz250f, I'd look for a 05 yz450f first, so I could take everything I could off the 250f and put them on the 450f.

It'd still be a really nice bike without my extras on it. We'll see how I like riding the 426. I don't know what the weight saving between an 05 yz450f and a 00 yz426f is, but my buddy's 05 450 only seems a hair every than my 05 250f while the 426 is like a brick compared to the 250f.

I was just throwing that out there since you mentioned it. Just so youd know I would be interested if you did decide to.

But it would be my guess that the 450 would feel a ton lighter due to lower center of gravity, better ergos, and a slimmer cockpit. Just like my 03 and 08 250 smokers feel quite a bit lighter than my 96. Mainly due to them feeling thinner even though there are only minimal weight differences.

They also had the best suspension that year also. I need to look up the dry weight of each bike. I think the 05 450 may be lighter than my 00 426.

Dry weight is only meaningful if you're going to enter the Soap Box Derby. The 2000 was listed at 250 with a full tank, while the '03 was listed at 249. The '06 was about a pound lighter than the '05.

The '05 suspension was an improvement on everything leading up to that, but it was still a long way short of being as good as the later stuff.

Here's another update for everyone...I took the 426 out a few days ago and loved the ride. The only issue I had is that the front brake is very touchy. With just a little pull on the lever, it feels like i'm slamming on the brakes. The previous owner just put new pads on it. I also just put new pads on my 250f, yet it's not nearly that senseitive. I was thinking about taking some brake fluid out. Any Ideas?

I changed the bars out last night. I had a nice set of 1 1/8 Pro Taper bars with the adapters off an 02 yz250f parts bike, so I threw them on and picked up a new bar pad today.

I also adjusted my sag to 100mm, this is where I have my 05 yz250f set to and it feels great, so I figured it was a great starting point.

I'm just about finished with the bike, I put my new number plates on along with my numbers. The last thing to do, besides changing the oil is to finish cleaning the header. So, I took the header off yesterday, so I could do that. Since I had to sit at our yard sale all day, I worked on it for a few hours with sandpaper. It's starting to look new again.

Here's a pic I took today.


Hopefully, by Sunday I can put the header back on and take some final pics.

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Well, I'm officially done. I have my first trip to the track scheduled for this coming wednesday. I'm pretty excited. I finished cleaning the header today. It's looks brand new, besides the few dings it has on the front side. I also changed the oil, so she's ready to ride. Here's a couple pics I took today.


The 426 shown with his little brother, the 250f on the left.


I hope everyone here has enjoyed reading the thread. I know it's been loads of fun rebuilding the ol' yz426f and I can't wait to put some time on the beast. It just proves that you can make a really nice bike out of an older bike.

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Looks great!:thumbsup:

Some final pics



My newly rebuilt 2000 yz426f shown in front of my 2005 yz250f



One thing I would still like to do in the future, is possibly add some black wheels to the 426. The old excel's that are on it are kinda ruff, straight and true, but ruff on the finish. I would powdercoat the hubs either blue or black, if I decide to do the wheels.

You should do an 03-05 plastic swap so that the 426 more closely resembles little brother :smirk:

I did think about that, but I would need an 05 tank and I don't have one. I did take the rear subframe of an 02 250f parts bike I had. It's an exact fit and gives me the aluminum look instead of the warn off paint look.

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