DR200 Throttle Problem

I recently bought a 2004 Suzuki DR 200. It runs quite smoothly, except for one problem. The throttle gets stuck. I'm pretty sure it's not a cable issue, because when the throttle is stuck, it is still hitting the idle screw with no problems. Also, sometimes when I come to a stop in 2nd gear, I can ease the clutch out a couple times and it will stop revving up until I take off again.

Do you think this is a problem within the carburetor? Would cleaning it fix this problem? Possibly the butterfly valve is the problem? Thanks! Any information or suggestions help!

Sounds like a vacuum leak. Check the hoses and the rubber boot that holds the carb to the head for cracks.

It's running LEAN. Change the pilot jet to a bigger one and it will go away. My wifes did this also until I put in the keintech jet kit

Run some Sea Foam thru your tank. Just guessing but maybe the throttle slide is hanging. Old varnished gas applying a thin layer to hang it up. It has worked for our 2 200's. The other product I just used a couple weeks ago is called Mechanic In A Bottle. I was a doubter till Itried it, and it worked pretty darn good.

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