My kids 2001 XR 50 vs 2002 XR 50

I just bought two Xr 50. I is a 2002 XR and the other is a 2001 XR. The 2002 Xr 50 top speed is a lot slower compared to my 2001 XR. The 2001 is all stock and runs really well. The 2002 is more of a project bike it runs and has an after market exhaust. i though it ran ok until I got the 2001 and the 02 will not keep up. It does seem like there may be smoke out the exhaust, I am thinking it may need a new piston and rings but not sure.

I am new to 50s and have only had one dirt bike in the past any help would be appreciated.

Both bikes are the same other than the year, no engine changes between the two. So it would seem as though the slow one is in need on a tune up and/or possible jet changes depending on what the previous owner has done to it. Start by giving it an oil change, pull and clean the air filter and then the carb, check to see what main jet is in there, stock is #58. Check valve clearances and adjust if out of spec, do a search, lots of how-to articles on here.

Thanks a lot. I hope to be working on it this this weekend

Also compare the gearing between them.

Check the governer screw on the twist grip. It might be turned in a little on the slower bike.

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