Video of PW50: Please Help With Carb Settings

Hi all.

The bike has new plug (properly gapped), new fuel, clean carb, clean exhaust, and has the air screw out 1 3/8 turns out.

I find a bit of a hesitation when I hit the throttle, and it runs rough at full throttle (does this under load as well).

Also, should I adjust my idle?

Any suggestions on carb settings (or anything else) is appreciated. :thumbsup:

Did you clean the entire exhaust, or just the silencer? Ours did that until we cleaned the pipe (expansion chamber). I had already cleaned the silencer/spark arrestor, but the bike still ran the same. Makes the bike sound like it is too rich on the main jet.

Burned the buildup out of it with a torch. The pipe was very clogged, and it burned for a long time. Repainted the pipe afterwards and the bike ran better than it ever had before. We bought the bike used, and the pipe was probably already dirty when we got it.

You may be able to tune part of it out with the air (pilot) screw, but this really only affects idle and part throttle. Wide open throttle is controlled primarily by the main and needle, but the pilot circuit does contribute a little to overall jetting.

The idle screw and idle speed have no effect on wide open or part throttle conditions.

ours did that until we cleaned the muffler,the turbine thingy gets plugged up.

I did clean the exhaust (both parts), and it is easy to blow through. Maybe I should pull it off again and burn it out.

Thanks for the ideas

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