Info. on a 05 250f

Hey guys, I need some info. on a 2005 YZ250f. Are they good years? About how much are they worth? I've got a guy looking to trade one for my quad. The only thing aftermarket it as is a Factory Connection suspension. Said the motor has been rebuilt completely after it dropped a valve. Any info. you guys could give would be great. Thanks

I just sold an 05. From what I understand the suspension is one-off that year. It is a good bike, last of the steel frames and other than the suspension (which it sounds like has been worked on already) pretty much the same as the 03 through 05. The motors didnt change much over the years and are solid. I'd make sure it was repaired by a solid mechanic. I sold mine for $2100 in clean condition, but I see them all over the place in price. If you think your quad is worth more, you could sell it and find a newer YZ250F for pretty good deals too.

Thanks, that's about what i was thinking was around 2000 to 2300.

The 05 is the best of the old steel frames because of the suspension and the head was upgraded that year. the 05-06 has the same motor. I would go with an 05 over any other year between 01-06.

I just bought a 05 yz250f about 5 months ago and so far i love it the only thing done to it is a pipe and different suspension. I think the bike is awesome has all the power I need and have had no problems soo far

wasnt that the model that goes on fire and explodes. ha only kidding.

I wouldn't be keeping it, only selling it. I value my quad at 2600.00 and he stating the bike plus some gear he has is worth that much.... I question the up keep on it though cause he said it was missing a "few" bolts in the plastics, meaning I would have to spend about 10 bucks to get them.... I just don't think I could sell it and the gear and get the 2600.00 I want. If I didn't already have a KX250f I would jump on it for myself but I can't even handle the KX250f! LOL

An option is to get it and part it out. Some guys make money that way but it is a gamble because you'd have to sell everything or else you'll have random parts leftover in your garage.

Yeah, I thought about that but I could also do that with the z400. Just don't know which one I'd get more for....

I say sell your quad, I think it will be an easier sell.....

LOL, yeah me to.... Been on the market for 5 months now! LOL I'm not in a hurry though, I don' feed it, only crank it once a week! LOL

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