Director of outer seals for bearings


I am about to install new shock bearings for a KX450F with bearings made by PivotWorks. I don't know which way to face the outer seals and there is no instruction on the packaging or pivotworks web site.

I can't take a picture of the seals because they are too small and you can't make out any details what so ever but I created this video that demonstrate what they look like.

Note! The diameter of the hole where the bolt pass through is slightly larger on the smooth side compared to the ridged side.

My question is - should the ridged side face IN towards the bearing or OUT away from the bearing?

how were the old ones?

based on what i seen id say the smooth surface goes in.

but it really depends on the inner lip, and where the spring is...if there is one.

if those seals are that much different from the old ones, unless someone has used them before and knows for sure. take a pic. or find a good one online.

In this case the smaller diameter goes out, or away from the bearing. By your explanation the smooth side faces toward the bearing. General rule of thumb, the smaller diameter goes towards the side you don't want anything to enter. For example, in your case small diameter towards the air, dirt, water, etc. you don't want these things to enter the bearing but it is ok if the grease goes the opposite way, no harm. Take a water pump seal (or two) one seal the small diameter faces the water side so no water enters the oil and the other seal the small diameter faces the oil so no oil enters the water.

By the way is the video made with solid works?

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