Pros and cons of wrapping exhaust

Just curious what your opinions are on using header wrap on the exhaust. I search and read here but I'm still unsure.

I'm putting some soft side bags on and I want to keep the contents cool so I'm thinking about wrapping the FMF Q muffler and I thought maybe I should do the whole pipe, too.

The only con I can think of is if the wrap is wet it might cause rust. What it I paint the pipe first? I park in a carport so there is dew on my bike sometimes. That said, should I just wrap the muffler?

Anyone wrap theirs?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I've run soft bags for years on my DR with both the stock muffler and the t bros can with no indication of heat problems. With the two bros can I did fab a stand off to keep bag off surface of can.

The stock can and I believe the header is stainless steel...

Sttock header is stainless. I have the FMF Powerbomb header and i plan on wrapping it after the large section so that it is insulated where it goes by the rear shock. I wrapped the front head pipe on my TL-1000R to keep the heat of the pipe out of the lower radiator and had no problems with it (the pipe on the TL was stainless also). The only thing i noticed is that if there was a bit of moisture in the air, you could smell it for a few minutes while it burned off. Also when i washed the bike it would steam for a minute while warming up. It worked as designed and i had no problems.

They now make a spray that you can spray on the header wrap that is supposed to protect it from moisture (I believe that's what it does). Of course it goes on after you do the wrap because some of the wraps are supposed to be moistened before application.

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