DRZ 400 rear spoke remplacement


I do not want to buy a kit spoke wheels to my drz 400 (broke two spoke only). Is it possible to make him another kind of spoke wheel, like Yamaha, Kawi, Honda ........



Tried the search function? I did a search using "buy+single+spoke" and turned up a few threads. Two places came up Buchanan spokes http://www.buchananspokes.net/ and East Coast Wheels though it looks like ECW is out of business as their domain name is up for sale.

I have recommended people try KTM. But I have never got any feed back if that works out. KTM sells individual spokes.

Any Suzuki dealer can sell you 2 spokes. It is just that they have to buy a full set and break the set and put the balance in stock. Most dealers figure they don't sell enough spokes to be practical to do that. Also there are 2 lengths of spokes in the Suzuki wheel. Small difference but there is a difference.

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