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Whats your best guess

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Uncorking the 650r and it wont start now.

I know Idle adustment is cridical in starting the 650r

I read through all the old posts but no one ever mentioned before a good starting point for the idle screw,as I have messed with it and don't know were it was to start with.

If I turn the Idle screw until it doesnt touch,then in till it just touchs,from this point how many turns is close to the right setting just so I can get it to start? Just pick up some fresh fuel and a plug,will try that tonight.and hope like hell.

what is your best guess??

and just becase I know you will ask!! he he

Does this sound about right.

2001 xr 650r only 500 miles new to me

2,200 ft

165 main jet( (may go to 170)

needle on 3ed clip stock needle


drilled ext

removed rubber elbow and plistic pece from air box

two turns pilot screw

changed intake

float at 16.5 mm with clear tube on bowl after to see fuel, maybe 1/8 below parting line

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Ok, Got it to start.went to 65 pilot,seem to help. should it die when you turn in the pilot screw all the way ,well it doesent.

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