Joker Jet kit for cold starting on TTR125

I just bought my son a 2004 TTR125LE and it appears to be stock except for a Pro-circuit slip-on pipe, not a full exhaust. Starts pretty good but still cold-natured. I see a Joker Jet Kit on Ebay that claims to fix this cold-starting issue and suggests a few other mods to increase HP and performance. Does anyone have experience with this kit and would you suggest it? Thanks.

my opinion you dont need that kit... just go to your dealer (or wherever) and get a bigger pilot jet and main jet... stock pilot is a 15, go to a 17.5, and try a 110 main... should work well... stock needle works fine...

FYI - the Pro-Circuit pipe must have been a mod job. Nobody makes a slip on for the TTR125.

Wanawake speaks the truth, don't need a jet kit if you have a dealer that sells the jets individually. :thumbsup:


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