Any smaller riders here on the YZ450?

I'm 5'8 145 lbs and I'm a AM/EXPERT level racer. Raced 125's forever before getting YZ250F's in 07 and 08,then a YZ250 in 09 and 2010. I had no problem with the YZ250 as far as being able to handle it. I just got a YZ450 though and just wondering if anyone else similair to my size/speed has insight on handeling the bike? Is it to heavy for ya, or any trouble controlling the bike? Any insight much appreciated

You will absolutely need a set of springs. The bike was built for riders ranging from around 175-190.

ya defintetly needed to. i already did that. I'm hooked up with Factory Connection so I sent it to them and they re-sprung and revalved shock and forks. I also got the SDG low seat to.

Same height but haven't weighed what you weigh since 10 years ago, rode a yz250 back then. A bit of strength helps when riding the 450 imo, or any bike for that matter. but even if you are fairly light it shouldn't be a huge problem, especially if you sprung it so it won't eject you.

I love my 09 yz450f. To be honest, it feels lighter than my yz250 smoker.

you can buy a linkage that apparently lowers the bike, but does not take away travel or anything....

Do the mods then with a little gym workout schedule and this 450 will begin to feel like a 250 dude!

3 of the guys I ride with range from 5"1' to 5"8' and all ride 450s and do so damn well. If you're an experienced rider you won't have any issues. In case you're wondering the 5"1' guy has to stop next to something to stand on. Usually someone else's foot peg.

If you want a lowering link, heres a site that sells yamalink. My buddy has one on his 08 yz250f and i like it because i can reach the ground a lot better and since im shorter too.

The seat height isn't all that much different from a 450, so it won't be a big change from what he's used to in that respect. The OP has raced YZ 250's in the expert class. With his riding experience he will do well on the 450, but there will be some adjustment in riding style.

YEA i am about 5'9 ish and 145 and i ride a 07 yz450 just bought thus

I stand somewhere between 5'5" and 5'6" and 185lbs, no problems at all handling my 08 450. My bike isn't lowered at all, no seat shaving or any of those tricks, I can kick start it just fine and stop anywhere too. At 5'8" you'll do just fine, unless your inseam is unusually short.

I know two smaller riders on the YZ45. One is 5'6" and maybe 145 pounds and the other is 5'7" but she's about 140 pounds. Both resprung. Both took the time to dial in the clickers and then it was a matter of learning to turn the bike with the rear wheel and proper body positioning.

ya thanks for all the replys guys. I'm stoked to rip it up here soon on it. Just waiting on the rest of the stuff I got for it to come in this week before I do. And ya I have increased my strength training at the gym allot to get a little stronger over the last couple months so I'm hoping this helps me out.

yeah im like 5'7" but weigh about 165-170 i think my 06 450 feels lighter then my 250 two stroke did. i go to the gym alot but you should be alright

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