11' AMA Motocross TV Schedule


I was trying to find it on Speed but not able too for some reason yet... or need to learn to search better.

Does anyone have a link for it?


Found this link on another thread but does not list times....


Thanks....!!! Now the sh*t part, comcast does not carry Fuel TV in Denver..!!! AZZ's

I guess it will be PC on saturday and couch on sunday :thumbsup:

Wait, the second moto is on a different channel at a different feking time?

What the fark rocket surgeon thought that up?

Event/Class Network Date Time

450/250 Class, Moto 1 Allisports.com Sat 5/28 2:00pm ET

450/250 Class, Moto 1 Fuel TV Sat 5/28 2:00pm ET

450 Class, Moto 2 SPEED Sat 5/28 10:00pm ET

250 Class, Moto 2 SPEED Sat 5/28 11:00pm ET

Highlights Fuel TV Thur 6/2 10:00pm ET

Perhaps they don't want to inconvenience the brain trust that is watching Thrillbillie reruns.

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