XRL transmission problem....or just normal glitches ?

Hey guys, a couple months ago, I got an '06 XRL with 8000k on it, my first bike,ever. I got it from a guy that's a real rider, and not an idiot, and I still touch base with him with occasional questions. My brother ( a rider) and his freind that owns a local shop said it checked out OK at the point of purchase.

I've been running Rotella synthetic since the minute I brought it home ( almost a thousand miles ago) and regular checks show the level to always be between 3/4 and FULL.

Anyway, lately I seem to be having issues with neutral & first gear. Fairly often ,when taking off in first,and shifting up to second gear, I end up dropping back into neutral (though another click always puts me where I want to be). Also,when stopping and wanting to drop into neutral, I pretty regularly just can't get it to go there,at all. I'll finally give up and shut the bike off like that, but upon re-start, it'll generally perform just fine.

Is this just me, or normal XRL-tranny glitches ? Or,am I just experiencing "First-Bike Inexperience/Paranoia" ? OR..... do I have a real problem ?

As always, any insight is much appreciated.........

This is often caused by the shift lever being too close to the case. It can rub when you push on it with your foot to shift. Try bending it out from the cases a little with a big wrench. It tends to happen more on the 1-2 shift than any others because there is neutral in between unlike the other shifts.

The clutch not disengaging and dragging a bit can make neutral hard to find. However, try to shift to neutral before you come to a stop. It's a lot easier to get in to neutral while the countershaft is still turning.

I just got mine as well, and occasionally don't make the full shift from first to second. I don't think it's the tranny, though. I am pretty sure I just need to practice. Also, you can adjust your shift lever for the footwear you are utilizing. If the previous owner rode in boots you may have trouble shifting in tennis shoes.

Good advice, thanks guys :thumbsup:.

If you're wearing new MX boots then it'll be slightly more difficult to shift until the boots are broken in.

Its normal, you may want to adjust the position on the shift shaft, as said before, if i am wearing steel toe boots no problem, tennis shoes it happens a lot cuz I adjusted it for the boots. Getting into neutral at stop, don't push down hard, just takes a little practice. If you have ever seen inside the tranny, you would see why. theres a little ball switch it needs to stop on to turn on the neutral indicator.

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