DR250SE carb part

Just got given an awesome and great running 93 DR250SE everything is pretty sorted except it has a throttle issue, the plate (Part 10 in the B.B. fiche) that the "pull" throttle cable connects to is snapped off , almost clean in half. I can connect both cables, the "pull" with zip ties, and the "push" regularly. But when i have the "push" cable connected the throttle is very hard to twist and does not return by itself. So i can make it work with just the one cable attached but i cannot adjust the idle and the throttle is very hard to modulate with the weird pull, which makes riding difficult.

I have checked with all the parts major suppliers online, my local dealers, and a few salvage yards to no avail. im hoping someone on here has an old takeoff or busted carb that they would be willing to part or sell. or some advise on a better place to look.


Bumping this as i've still not solved the problem, i feel my only logical option is to just suck it up and get a Mikuni pumper.

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