125 in the woods

One of my friends is offering me a great deal on an 04 yz125. Hes asking 1000 and the bike is practicaly new. I only ride woods and was trying to get an idea of weather or not this would be a good woods bike. I would be willing to put a little money into it to make it better in the woods, but not exactly sure what it would take. I usually ride power lines or fire roads but I do some single track too.

I like my 125 in the woods, very flickable, and nimble. Just gear it down, maybe even get a 144 for it eventually

Grew up on yz 125 in the woods, once you get use to the clutch and gear use you will be fine. This bike will also make you a good rider, any 4stroke or 250 2 stroke will be a piece of cake when you decide to upgrade. Other people might be able to suggest changes or woods mods, back then (1980's) when I rode a 125 we never modded any bike other than bark busters and skid plates.I think it will be a good purchase

I would definitely buy it. I had a 99 yz125 and thats all I rode also. Great bike for the woods once you get used to how to ride it.

Mine was stock except for an FMF pipe. Stock gearing was fine if you stayed in the powerband.

I've heard that 250's are better for woods... I've never personally rode a 125 so I can't say. For that price though, DON'T PASS THAT UP!!

It will make you a better rider, and as someone else said, it will make a 250 etc a piece of cake when you want to upgrade.

You can maybe spend a bit on mods here and there if you choose, but it will do fine.

I went and looked at it today the plastic is pretty scratched, but other than that its good. Im gonna buy it at the end of the month when I get paid.

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