Who makes good goggles?

I'm looking to pick up a pair. I don't know much about dirtbike goggles, but I remember from paintball masks that the foam around the eyes/face can make a huge comfort difference. For paintball masks, most had the rough, large bubble foam in them that really itched after a while. I liked to use VForce masks, and they had a more rubbery foam that looked like it had a lot smaller bubbles in it.

Who makes a nice comfortable brand of goggles?


Go to the shop and try some one to see what fits your face, helmet, and budget the best.

Personally I like the Scott Xi Goggles. Fit well and flow lots of air, so I rarely have any issues with fogging up in them

Love my Dragon's! Super comfortable and the foam doesn't rip out like on Oakley's.


Make sure you try them on with your helmet. I bought Dragons without the helmet, and don't really like how they fit with the helmet. I still like my Oakley O-frame and crowbar the best.

509's are my favorite goggles. Loads of foam, and they fit my helmet/face real nice. I run Haber goggles in the summer, they're a little narrower but i've been pleased with them.

Smith fuel enduro with rolloffs.

scott hustles are my favorite hands down

I tried Fox, Oakley, Scott, and went with a set of Spy Targa MX. Good goggle that don't fog up.

just saying oakleys number 1 in the optics business, have 3 pairs of oakley crowbars and they definitely set the standards when it comes to optics, love everything about them, can't go wrong with a pair

Ive got the FOX "the main" "victory" goggles, and the lenses are made by Oakley FYI (that's what it says in the owners manual)... So far I like them a lot.

cant go wrong with smith or oakley. the fox and vonzipper goggles are pretty sweet to.

Oakley O Frames. Replacement lenses are only $5. Would upgrade to crowbars but there is nothing wrong with my O frames. Have had them for several seasons. Go check out the O Lab (Their really big Truck.) any time you see it at an event.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I've heard Oakley makes good sunglasses, but I didn't know about goggles. I'll try some on locally, that's a good idea about bringing my helmet. I'm no big time rider, so I probably won't spend too much, but I'd like something other than sunglasses to keep my eyes safe and from watering! The Oakley O frames look like a good option, and they're a good price. I'd just like to see how they fit first.

Good goggle that don't fog up.
that's what I really like about the 509's... hands down best goggles when it comes to fogging (or lack thereof).


Ive tried a ton of different goggles, I ended up with the top of the line smiths. Haven't looked back. Great airflow, I cant fog them unless I'm stopped with my helmet on for a minute or so, Then you just get going and they clear right up. They have some really nice foam in them that hasn't made me itch, and it does a great job of wicking the sweat away. But you definitely should bring your helmet, some frames are pretty large and wont fit in the window.

for me, my dirtbiking, i use smoky lenses, aka mirror lenses, because yeah your probably riding in alot of light and well, it hurts the eyes, i use THOR HERO's they where like 80$ i think, then you can throw in new lenses for like 10$, so thats cool, as to ac heap 30$ pair of clear goggles that you huck away when the lense gets scratched,....

for winter i use SMITH piston goggles, have a blue/orange tint for them,

both work EXCEPTIONAL for each of there uses, i do alot of riding where i get warm and start to sweat and both goggles work very well for their seasons, i some times take my thor's out snowmobiling in the spring on them sunny days, because snow is a mirror,

also the thor's come with clear lenses too, so you can pop them in for a ride if you chose to,

and the 509 goggles are made for snowmobilers, i would not recommend buying winter goggles for summer, they are usually more delicate as they dont think you will encounter dust and dirt.... they will take on snow and cold weather and rain fine... but dirt and dust are bad for winter goggles,

I currently have 2 pairs of oakley crowbar's. I didn't really care for oakley before but went to a exhibition a year ago that oakley was at and completely sold me. They have some of the best lens on the market. I use the black iridium for sunny and a blue lens for overcast or evening riding. Frames have held up great.

Previously ran Smith and nothing wrong with them. But comparing the two I would pick oakley

only way is to know is to try them on, everyone's face is shaped differently

I've used most brands over the years, and settled on Spy or Dragon, both fit me better than the rest

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