2006 yz250f smoking blueish white

ive recently rebuilt the bike all new 13:5:1 wiesco piston stainless kibble white valves and all the lil parts that valves need the seats,retainers etc. im running amsoil sythetic oil n 110 racing fuel. the bike recently has started to smoke out the exshaust as said blue-ish white smoke coolant is a little bit low.(engine ice) oil is getting lower as ive been riding.the cylinder been properly deglazed/honed. it did not smoke till about 7 to 8 rides, after i layed it down n was down fer a little bit and flooded the bike it started hard n the smoke started to come out the exshaust asap.. worried its a valve prob need some advice. some general idea ive came up with are oil, rings, valve seals, low coolant is partial prob? thanks Devon.

could be a blown head gasket? those head gaskets sucks, I usually put some copper sealant on the gasket before installing it. Idk if a leaking head gasket causes blue smoke though, but thats the usual cause of low coolant and hard starting.

my 09 did the same thing,i wont use cometic gaskets anymore.all i use is oem from now on.its just a pain in the but when you have to redo it.mine lasted 8hrs and i started to have the same issues as you are having.keep us posted

blue smoke under DECEL only is valve guides (usualy, in my experience). Blue smoke during ACCEL only is usually rings. If you're losing coolant, that's usually a head gasket (check for bubbles in the coolant with the cap off, but that doesn't always show it). Did it only smoke after you laid it down? you could have washed-down the cylinder with gas and diluted your oil with fuel. That can do some odd things, and potentially scuff the cylinder/piston and bearings if you run it like that for a while. If you're going to pull the head to check things out, check the head bolt torque first before loosening them - it'll be a clue if any were less than fully torqued.

How long did it smoke after you laid it down? Is it still doing it? I've laid my bike down and it smoked for about 5 min max and went away. When you did the rebuild, did you put the rings on in the right positions?

thanks fer the advice took it sent it to my mechanic sure enough got a call today blow head gasket so we will get her togethor n ba back riding soon thanks so much guys!!!!

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