ktm 200xc : fmf gnarly vs stock

so im thinking about getting the fmf gnarly for my 09 200. Just wondering basically what notices in power you gained because i dont want something that takes away top end. i would consider a fatty but they dont make it for the 200 :thumbsup: . also if you have did u change the jetting and if so what did u change? and ive never touched the power valve, thinking about changing it so that it has more hit up top. does it help?

We found a better bottom with the Gnarly. Everyone says that it will hurt the topend. We did not find that to be true. We adjusted the air screw a little with the pipe, but did not have to rejet. Change the PV setting before you change the pipe. It is easy to do on that bike. It makes a big difference.

i will let you know in the coming weeks.. just bolted one up! :thumbsup:

probably gonna end up getting one.. ive dented, fixed, and re dented my pipe like 4 times now haha

Gnarly is an excellent pipe for off-road racing where you need low-midrange power with ability to rev out. If you are running on the main jet most of the time, get something else. For sand, I'd go with KTM Hardparts pipe or a 03'-04'SX200 pipe which will dent easily. I run the Gnarly in Illinois on my 08'200 and it revs out okay (in the Novice class) in the corn fields. 6 speeds come in handy. We have some medium size hills and allot of slow going and mud in Illinois, so the Gnarly is perfect for me. With the Gnarly the motor runs great from idle to the lower top end. I highly advise you to adjust your powervalve. It is easy to do. Takes about 15 minutes, tops.

try the PC platinum 2, it has good bottom end, killer midrange

I'd rather keep the stock than get a gnarly again

try the PC platinum 2, it has good bottom end, killer midrange

I'd rather keep the stock than get a gnarly again

What didn't you like about the gnarly?

I have an 09 200 and rode it with the stock pipe for a good while. All woods and hare scramble races. I bolted up a Gnarly pipe and it made a big difference in low end torque. I prefer it over the stock pipe for this reason. I did not change any jets.

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